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Dutch Design Retrofit T5 Adapter

World's best T5 Retrofit Adapter

The T5 Retrofit Adapter (or Retrofit conversion kit) of Panatraco has reached an unprecedented high technical level. We strictly (!) control the quality of our T5 Retrofit Adapters. Panatraco adapters are being engineered in The Netherlands and produced in China under TüV certification in our own production-line and under our own severe Quality Control.

Our mission is to produce and sell the highest possible quality T5 Retrofit Adapter. Our T5 Retrofit Adapters are made from the best materials available and our Dutch engineers are skilled professionals. We have a Quality Control' department based in the Netherlands.

Therefore, we are not the cheapest T5 Retrofit Adapter manufacturer. But without doubt the Retrofit T5 adapter of Panatraco is the world's best!